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Version 1.2


Milk-V Duo is an ultra-compact embedded development platform based on the CV1800B chip. It can run Linux and RTOS, providing a reliable, low-cost, and high-performance platform for professionals, industrial ODMs, AIoT enthusiasts, DIY hobbyists, and creators.



Milk-V DuoSpecification
ProcessorCVITEK CV1800B (C906@1Ghz + C906@700MHz)
MemoryDDR2 64MB
Storage1x Mirco SD slot,1x SD NAND solder pad
USB1x Type-C for data and Power,1x USB2 solder pad
Camera1x 16P FPC connector (MIPI CSI 2-lane)
GPIOup to 26 Pins available for general purpose I/O(GPIO)



  • 1GHz and 700MHz RISC-V C906 processors
  • Integrated CVITEK TPU for smart detection.
  • Supports H.264/H.265 video encoding, up to 2880x1620@20fps.
  • Compatible with high-definition CMOS sensors.
  • Programmable frequency output for sensor clock.
  • Comprehensive ISP features for image optimization.
  • Partial OpenCV library support with CV hardware acceleration.
  • 16-bit audio codec with built-in mic input and output functions.
  • Flexible network configurations with 1 Ethernet PHY.

CSI-2 (MIPI serial camera)

  • Features a 16-pin FPC interface for 2-lane MIPI camera input.
  • Operates I2C, CLK, and RST signals at a 1.8V voltage level.


  • Milk-V Duo includes CV1800B chip with a 100Mbps PHY.
  • PHY is linked to a 5-pin solder pad.
  • External transformer and RJ45 socket are needed for Ethernet use.


  • USB 2.0 compliant, backward compatible with USB 1.1.
  • Supports various speed modes, Host/Device functionality, and transfer protocols.
  • Expandable interfaces via USB Hub (up to 127 devices).
  • Power-saving mode, supports HID devices.
  • Functions as USB slave device with configurable software.
  • USB Type-C for storage media access.

Micro SD

  • SDIO0 is compatible with Secure Digital Memory (SD 3.0) protocol.


  • Up to 26 GPIO pins on the MilkV-Duo 40-pin header provide access to internal peripherals such as SDIO, I2C, PWM, SPI, J-TAG, and UART.
  • Up to 3x I2C
  • Up to 5x UART
  • Up to 1x SDIO1
  • Up to 1x SPI
  • Up to 2x ADC
  • Up to 7x PWM
  • Up to 1x RUN
  • Up to 1x JTAG

Board Specifications

  • Single-sided PCB
  • Dimensions: 51×21mm
  • Thickness: 1mm
  • Type-C port located on the top edge
  • Dual castellated/through-hole pins around the remaining edges
  • Can be used as a surface mount module or in Dual Inline Package (DIP) format
  • 40 main user pins on a 2.54mm (0.1") pitch grid with 1mm holes
  • Compatible with veroboard and breadboard

Quick Start

Image download

How to build image


For support please post your issue on the Milk-V Community Duo Category.