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Milk-V Duo is an ultra-compact embedded development platform based on the CV1800B chip. It can run Linux and RTOS, providing a reliable, low-cost, and high-performance platform for professionals, industrial ODMs, AIoT enthusiasts, DIY hobbyists, and creators.

Introduction of CV1800B

CV1800B is a high-performance, low-power chip for residential consumer surveillance IP cameras, home intelligence and many other products, integrated with H.264/H.265 video compression encoder and ISP; supports digital broad dynamic, 3D noise reduction, defogging, lens distortion correction and other image enhancement and correction algorithms, providing customers with professional-grade video image quality.

The chip integrates self-developed intelligent reference solutions (human detection, area detection, motion detection), built-in DDR and complete peripherals and peripherals, providing a highly integrated and simple solution to support customer product development and mass production.

In addition, it also provides secure boot, secure update, secure encryption, etc., providing users with a series of security solutions from development, mass production, and product application with an 8-bit MCU subsystem integrated into the chip, which can replace the general external MCU to achieve the purpose of saving BOM cost and power consumption.

CV1800B Public Preliminary Datasheet

We have open sourced the Public Preliminary Datasheet of CV1800B to GitHub. please check it out.

Buy the CV1800B Chips

Milk-V is the Authorised Global Distributor of the CV1800B chips. You can buy samples of the CV1800B chip from our distributor online store directly. For volume order, please contact Milk-V Sales Team for the qoutation.

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