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Boot Duo from microSD card


  • Necessary
    • Duo, Duo256M or DuoS
    • microSD card, larger than 1GB
    • Type-C cable
  • Optional
    • USB to TTL serial cable

Download images and tools

Burn image

Here are the steps for using balenaEtcher.

  • Click Flash from file


  • Click Select target


  • Click Flash!


Power on

Connect the Duo with a Type-C cable using an adapter (5V) or computer USB.

The blue LED on the Duo will blink.


If the blue LED does not blink after booting, it means the system is not running properly, and there may be a problem with the image burned to the microSD. You can try to re-burn the image with other burning software, such as balenaEtcher, Rufus, Win32DiskImager, etc. If it still cannot boot normally, you can connect a serial cable and send the log after booting to us for analysis.


If you have a problem, go to our community and post to let us know.

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