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Mainline Status

Milk-V Duo upstream work is actively developed by the community members. The latest update can be found on the Sophgo linux wiki. A summary of current status (as 2024 Feb) is as below:

Milk-V Duo family

ComponentPatch Submitted DateStatusLinkIn mainline since version x
ClockJan/14/2024Under Reviewv6N/A
ResetNov/13/2023Under Reviewv1N/A
eFuseNov/19/2023Under Reviewv1N/A
RTCJan/22/2024Under Reviewv7N/A
TimerJan/25/2024Under Reviewv2N/A
WatchdogJan/25/2024Under Reviewv2N/A
PinCtrlNov/13/2024Under Reviewv1N/A
SPI & I2CFeb/8/2024Under Reviewv2N/A
PWMFeb/7/2024Under Reviewv1N/A
  • milkrisc-v