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SG2380: A Revolutionary RISC-V Desktop Experience

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The first high-performance RISC-V processor designed for personal computing marks a new milestone in the adoption of open-source technology in the computing industry.

This intelligent processor combines high-performance RISC-V cores, desktop-grade GPU, and the advanced computing capabilities of TPU, meeting the demands of GenAI and multimedia applications. It ensures the smooth operation of complex models and algorithms without any hindrance.

With massive computing power, high bandwidth, and large capacity, it enables the fast and efficient execution of machine learning tasks such as natural language processing, image generation, and text generation, accelerating the adoption of local LLM across various industries.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


  • CPU

    • 16-core SiFive P670 RISC-V 64bit CPU
  • GPU

    • Imagination AXT-16-512 GPU
  • TPU

    • SOPHON TPU, support 32 TOPs int8 and 16 TFLOPs fp16
  • Memory

    • 256bit DDR interface, maximum capacity 128GB
    • Support LPDDR5 @6400Mbps, LPDDR4/LPDDR4x @4266Mbps
    • Support in–line ECC
  • Multimedia Codec

    • H.264/H.265/AV1/VP9 Decoder, support 4k@30fps
    • H.264/H.265 Encoder, support 4k@30fps
  • Display and ISP

    • HDMI 2.0
    • DP 1.4a or eDP 1.4b
    • DP 1.4a combo with USB 3.2 Gen2
    • MIPI DSI
    • MIPI CSI
  • Hi-speed interface

    • PCIe Gen4 x16
    • PCIe Gen3 x4 combo with 1-25Gbps Ethernet or 4x SATA 3.0
    • 4x USB 3.2 Gen2, one of them combo with DP
    • 2x Gigabit Ethernet


  • Applications


  • Applications

    Smart Cockpit

  • Applications

    AI Robot

  • Applications

    Deep Learning Computing Card

  • Applications

    AI NAS

  • Applications

    Android-based Applications

  • Applications

    AI PC

  • Applications

    Professional Display


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