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Milk-V Vega

RISC-V Open Source 10 Gigabit Network Switch


RISC-V Network Chip

Operating at 500MHz, the UX608 with TEE supports dual modes of Linux or UCOS.

It integrates 8 channels of Gigabit Ethernet PHY, along with 2 channels of 10 Gigabit SerDes and 4 channels of 1 Gigabit SerDes interfaces.

Flexible business port selection is supported, catering to various application scenarios.




UX608 uCore

UX608 uCore

Compact in size

Supports standard 1U rack

Two units can be installed on each layer

Vega Size

Development-friendly interface

Provides JTAG interface to facilitate underlying development

Provides RS232 and I2C interfaces for easy access to other sensors

Development-friendly interface

Suitable for various networking scenarios

2x 10GbE SFP+ optical ports

4x 1GbE SFP optical ports

8x 1GbE RJ45 Ethernet ports

Suitable for various networking scenarios

Designed for Open Source

Based on open source Linux, convenient for secondary development and DIY.

Open openSBI, u-boot, Linux kernel source code, provide cross-compile toolchain.

Provide interface SDKs and APIs to flexibly realize business configurations.

Designed for Open Source

Network Redundancy and Protection

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), Rapid

Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP)

1+1 / 1:1 Port Protection, Link Aggregation

Security and Filtering

QoS based on 802.1p/DSCP

VLAN-based switching, L2 multicast

Service Quality Enhancement

Defense against DoS attacks, protocol packet filtering

Blacklist / whitelist, IEEE802.1x

Advanced Feature Support

On-chip packet buffering, ACL, QinQ

Hierarchical Policing support

VLAN based on port, protocol, IP subnet, and flow

Flexible Queue Scheduling

8 queues per port, multiple scheduling methods (SP / WRR / DWRR)

Hybrid scheduling for optimized performance

Traffic Shaping and Control

Port-based single-rate shaping

Queue-based dual-rate shaping

Storm control, L2 bridging

Management and Monitoring

Mirroring and remote configuration

Periodic hardware-based OAM message transmission

Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE), 1588 functionality

Easy to Use

Supports remote configuration, provides WEB and SSH access

Provides command line service configuration for VLAN configuration, port mirroring, MAC address learning, traffic control, etc.


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Технические характеристики

Milk-V Vega offers comprehensive second-layer network protocol processing capabilities, including L2 bridging, L2 multicast, and storm suppression, among others. It supports VLAN functions based on streams, ports, protocols, and subnets. The device also provides support for STP, RSTP, and QinQ functionalities. Additionally, it includes features like defense against DOS attacks, black and white lists, and protocol packet filtering. Milk-V Vega facilitates filtering, link aggregation, OAM message transmission, and port protection functionalities. It further supports both ingress and egress ACL functionalities, as well as Ethernet synchronization and 1588 features.

Milk-V Vega is a compact and low-density box-style open-source 10 Gigabit network switch developed by Milk-V for the next generation of network architecture. It serves as a unified platform for various services such as broadband, voice, video, and surveillance. Equipped with domestically produced RISC-V high-reliability network switch chips from China, it simplifies network infrastructure, reduces energy and operational costs, and finds applications in data centers, industrial parks, medium to large enterprise networks, hotels, and educational institutions.


CPU Performance400MHz
Maximum Frame Length16000 bytes
On-chip Buffer1.5MB
MAC Address Depth16K
L2 Multicast4K
Meter Minimum Granularity8Kbps
Flow-based Policing Entries4K
Typical Main Control Power Consumption4.5W
Network connectors2x 10GbE SFP+ Ports
4x 1GbE SFP Ports
8x 1GbE RJ45 Ports

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