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SG2002 is a high-performance chip for AIOT applications, with multiple cores, hardware codecs, an ISP for image enhancements, an in-house TPU for powerful processing, and diverse peripheral interfaces.

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SG2002 is a high-performance, low-power chip designed for various product fields such as edge intelligent surveillance IP cameras, smart door locks, visual doorbells, and home intelligence. It integrates H.264 video compression and decoding, H.265 video compression encoding, and ISP capabilities. It supports multiple image enhancement and correction algorithms such as HDR wide dynamic range, 3D noise reduction, defogging, and lens distortion correction, providing customers with professional-grade video image quality.

The chip also incorporates a self-developed TPU, delivering 1.0 TOPS of computing power under 8-bit integer operations. The specially designed TPU scheduling engine efficiently provides high-bandwidth data flow for all tensor processing unit cores. Additionally, it offers users a powerful deep learning model compiler and software SDK development kit. Leading deep learning frameworks like Caffe and Tensorflow can be easily ported to its platform. Furthermore, it includes security boot, secure updates, and encryption, providing a series of security solutions from development, mass production, to product applications.

The chip integrates an 8-bit MCU subsystem, replacing the typical external MCU to achieve cost-saving and power efficiency goals.


Block Diagram



    • 1 x C906@1GHz + 1 x C906@700MHz
  • Arm CPU

    • 1 x Cortex-A53@1GHz
  • MCU

    • 8051@6KB SRAM
  • NPU

    • 1 TOPS@INT8
  • Memory

    • Sip DRAM 256M
  • Video Module

    • ISP 5M@30fps
    • 2L MIPI DSI 5M@30fps
    • 4L or 2L+2L MIPI CSI 5M@30fps
    • H.265/H.264 Decoding and Encoding 5M@30fps
  • Audio Module

    • 16bit Audio Codec
    • 2 x I2S/PCM
    • 1 x DMIC
  • Storage

    • SPI-NOR, SPI-NAND, eMMC5.0, 2 x SDIO3.0
  • Network

    • 10M/100M MAC PHY
  • Security Module

    • Crypto/Secure boot/TRNG/Efuze
  • Peripherals

    • 1 x USB2.0 DRD/5 x UART/3 x SPI/16 x PWM/1 x IR/6 x I2C/4 x ADC/GPIOs
  • Temperature Range

    • 0℃~70℃
  • Package Type

    • QFN
  • Package Dimensions

    • 9mmx9mmx0.9mm
  • Pin Pitch

    • 0.35mm
  • Total Pins

    • 88


  • Applications

    Intelligent door locks

  • Applications

    Video Conference

  • Applications

    Industrial Internet of Things

  • Applications

    intelligent transport








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