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ZCC User Manual

Account Registration

Since ZCC is a paid compiler, before downloading or using Terapines ZCC, please go to and submit an account registration request.

Your registration may not be approved right away, for assistance, please contact [email protected]

Get ZCC Toolchain

  1. Register an account and login at

  2. Click the "Download Link" in the "Download ZStudio with Terapines Toolchains for Linux" section to download zcc.

  3. Unzip it. After unzipping, there will be a zcc directory in the current directory. This zcc directory is the installation path of the zcc toolchain.

    tar -xzvf zstudio-linux.tar.gz

Online Authorization

  1. Add zcc to environment.

    export ZCC_PATH=`pwd`/zcc/bin
    export PATH=$ZCC_PATH:$PATH
  2. Use which zcc and zcc --version command to ensure zcc is in the environment.

    $ which zcc
    $ zcc --version
    Terapines LTD zcc(based on clang) version 3.0.0_ ( bb012eef8b915c2ccbde7e17c9ff2533d1746469)
    Target: riscv64-unknown-unknown-elf
    Thread model: posix
    InstalledDir: /home/tptuser/Work/jupiter/toolchain/zcc/bin/../.bin
    Protection: enable
  3. Use for online authorization. yourusername and yourpassword are the username and password used to login at

    Note: An account can only be used on one machine. Using the same account on a second machine will fail. -u yourusername -p yourpassword

Using ZCC

Zcc is based on llvm compiler, and is also compatible with most gcc parameters. So you can use zcc like clang/gcc.

$ zcc hello.c -O3 
$ ./a.out

Using ZCC to Test SPEC2006

Modify the value of zcc_dir variable at line 102 in zcc-sophgo.cfg to point to the installation directory of zcc.

Copy zcc-sophgo.cfg to $SPEC/config, and copy zcc.xml to $SPEC/config/flags. Then run runspec.

cp zcc-sophgo.cfg $SPEC/config/
cp zcc.xml $SPEC/config/flags
runspec --config=zcc-sophgo int --reportable


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